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1. General provisions

1.1. "Public Offer", "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) is an Agreement of accession (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) and the voluntary use by users of the blagoda.pl service (hereinafter referred to as the Website/or the Website), indicate the accession of each individual User to this Agreement in full and confirm his agreement with the following terms and conditions.

1.2. This offer addressed to an indefinite number of individuals and legal entities - visitors of the Website and is an official and public offer of the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "BLAGODA COMPANY", EDRPOU code 37023573, registered Krychevsky Street House 119, apartment 41, Kharkiv, Ukraine 61187 (hereinafter referred to as the Company).

1.3. The principle of service is review/viewing.

1.4. Users of the service have the opportunity to visit the pages of the website without entering registration data and without disclosing personal information.

1.5. In order to establish contacts with other Users of the website, or to receive additional information from them, or for any other purpose, the "User" of the service at his personal risk provides personal data and any other personal information to other Users of the service.

1.6. The responsibility for providing correct and truthful information rests with the Service User.

1.7. The authorized technical staff of the Website carries out preliminary verification of the initial data provided by the Users. In case of inconsistency of the Employer's data, the Service rejects the User's information without any comments.

2. Users of the service

The subject of regulation of this Offer is the relationship between LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY", EDRPOU code 37023573 - The right holder of the Website, services, programs and / or other products, including information, communication, advertising, educational, entertainment and other nature, located on the Internet at blagoda.pl, and you (private or authorized from a legal entity by an individual Internet user), hereinafter referred to as the "User", regarding the use of the service, or the processing of information provided by the User, including personal data.

2.1. User responsibilities

By accepting this Agreement, the User undertakes to fully follow these rules when working with the site.

2.1.1. Not to mislead other Users or the administration of the site.

2.1.2. Do not create multiple accounts on the site, if in fact they belong to the same employer or private person.

2.1.3. Do not place knowingly poor-quality or false information.

2.1.4. Do not use the Site for the distribution of advertising materials, including not to place under the guise of vacancies or resume offers to register on third-party sites, announcements about recruitment or personnel services, partnership and cooperation.

2.1.5. Not to publish insults, obscene statements, and other materials that harm the Company or third parties.

2.1.6. Not to post information calling for violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, recognition of illegal administrative-territorial entities on the territory of Ukraine containing names, symbols, propaganda of separatist or terrorist organizations.

2.1.7. In the content of vacancies, it is forbidden to indicate restrictions on the age of candidates, to offer work only to women or only men, with the exception of specific work that can be performed exclusively by persons of a certain sex, to put forward requirements that give preference to one of the articles, as well as to require employed persons to provide information about their personal life. (Part 3 of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Employment").

2.1.8. The User agrees that he is fully responsible for the information posted to them on the Site, including for compliance with its legal requirements, copyright compliance, authorized use of company names, use of logos, marks for goods and services (trademarks), as well as for respect for the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of information on the Site. In case of receipt of claims from third parties related to the information posted by the User, the User undertakes to independently and at his own expense settle these claims.

2.1.9. The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with this agreement, as well as applicable and applicable laws in this area.

2.2. Main categories of users:

Employers are legal entities represented by authorized representatives, sole proprietors (individual entrepreneurs), farmers and self-employed creative people;

Candidates for vacancies are individuals interested in finding or obtaining a job.

2.3. Employers

2.3.1. These are users who provide the service with information about the conditions, requirements and availability of vacancies, form a request for needs and the ability to employ workers and workers, specialists, experts and managers in accordance with the professional activities of the Employer.

2.3.2. Ensure non-disclosure of personal information of Users of the category "Candidates for a vacancy", who provide their professional resumes to the Employer.

2.3.3. Provide correct and truthful information regarding vacancies and source data of the Employer.

2.3.4. The user of the service category "Employer" gives the service consent to the processing of public information provided by him, and the Website uses the User's information for the intended purpose of the service.

2.4. Candidates for vacancy

2.4.1. These are users of the service, private individuals who are largely in a state of search for a new workplace for any circumstances and for professional purposes, and use the information about vacancies provided by users of the service category "Employer" using the website.

2.4.2. Responsibility for correct and truthful information provided by the Candidate to the Employer belongs to the Users of the service category "Candidate for a vacancy".

2.4.3. According to this Offer, the User of the service of the category "Candidate for a vacancy" understands that he provides personal information to the address and at the disposal of a particular employer, and at the disposal and / or for the processing of personal information by the service blagoda.pl.

3. Cookies

3.1. The User understands and agrees that when entering the website, or when the User makes the transition from one page of the website to his other page, the website sends one or more cookies to the User's computer or other device in order to provide high-quality communications between the User's computer, or his other device and website, in order to save the User's browser settings. Thus, the service establishes temporary cookies (cookies) to determine the support of cookies (cookies) by the User's browser. Such cookies do not contain personal (personal) information and are deleted when the User's browser is closed.

3.2. If the User sends information on the website, the User may include the retention of his name, e-mail address and website in cookies. This is done for the convenience of the User, so as not to fill out data several times when reusing the form for shipments. Such cookies may be stored by the service.

3.3. If cookies are disabled, the User may not access important functions of the website, and the use of its functionality may be limited. In the "Help" section of the toolbar of most browsers, the User has the opportunity to get acquainted with the information about cookies and get recommendations on what settings should be performed in the User's browser.

4. Use of service data

Use of the Site means the user's full and unconditional consent to this Agreement and the purposes and conditions specified in it for the processing of his personal data.

4.1. The User of the Site, posting resumes and / or other data on the Site and / or sending resumes and / or other similar letters to the e-mail addresses of companies and / or other users of the Site, voluntarily provides the Company, as well as third parties who have access to this Site, their consent to the processing of their personal data (which are contained in his resume, messages and / or other information, collected and/or posted on the Site and/or in information that it sends to other Users of the Site).

4.2. The processing of Personal Data includes any actions and / or a set of actions related to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, change, renewal, use and distribution (implementation, transfer), deletion of the User's Personal Data in order to ensure the operation of the Site services.

4.3. The amount of personal data of the User in relation to which the processing is carried out and which can be included in the personal data database (including the database of personal data of the resume) is defined as any information about the User (which is posted in his resume and / or other data collected and / or posted on the Site and / or letters sent with his help), which will become known to the Company, as well as to any third parties who use the Site.

4.4. The User's consent to the processing of his personal data does not require additional notifications from the Company when transferring his personal data to third parties in accordance with the norms of Art. 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".

4.5. By accepting this agreement, the user confirms that he understands his rights defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data", as well as the purpose of collecting, storing and processing his personal data. The User also agrees that the period of processing of his personal data is indefinite.

4.6. The User may at any time change (update, supplement) the personal data provided to them or part thereof, as well as require the Company to completely delete his personal data from the Site database.

4.7. The purpose of collecting, storing and processing personal data is to provide the user with personalized services of the Site.

4.8. The Website Owner has the right to export to external media selective and publicly opened by the service corporate data of Users during the advertising companies of the website, or other targeted initiatives of the Owner aimed at the development and popularization of the website, and only in cases where such corporate information (data) is not an obligation blagoda.pl not distribution, and is intended by the User for use only on the service blagoda.pl.

4.9. The User agrees that the website may use anonymized data to conduct statistical and other research on various parameters, for example: by age groups, by levels of requests, by offer levels, with regional location, on professional and other grounds.

4.10. The current Service Owner has the right to transfer the entire Database to a third party without any agreements with the Users in case of change of the Website Owner.

5. About making changes

5.1. Blagoda.pl has the right to make changes to this "Public Offer" or to the "Privacy Policy" at any time unilaterally.

5.2. The new version of the "Public Offer" comes into force from the moment of its placement (publication), unless otherwise provided by the new version of the "Public Offer" or "Privacy Policy".

5.3. The User is considered to be informed about the changed terms of the "Public Offer" or to the "Privacy Policy" from the moment of publication of the amended version of this Agreement on the website at the address: https://blagoda.pl/privacy.

6. Conclusions

6.1. Using the blagoda.pl You agree to the above terms of the "Public Offer" and "Privacy Policy", which are essentially an "Accession Agreement" for Users.

6.2. If you do not agree to the above terms, please do not use the services of the website blagoda.pl.

6.3. The Company reserves the right to:

6.3.1. Change the Site at your discretion.

6.3.2. Change the types of services and their validity periods.

6.3.3. Change the appearance of ads (use headers, bulleted and numbered lists).

6.3.4. Edit or delete materials published by the User on the Site, if they do not meet the terms of this Agreement, harm the Company or third parties, as well as at its own discretion without giving a reason.

6.3.5. Use for their own purpose’s materials published by the User on the Site and publicly available, in particular, for the placement of materials on the websites of partners.

6.4. The Company shall not be liable for:

6.4.1. For the content of materials published by users.

6.4.2. For causing damage and any other damages that may arise when using the Site.