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1. General provisions.

1.1. This Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Site of LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY".

1.2. The concepts and terms in this Policy are used in the sense of the concepts defined in the Rules of Use, unless otherwise provided by this Policy.

1.3. The Privacy Policy is created to inform about the procedure for storing and processing Personal Data provided by the User to BLAGODA COMPANY LLC and may be provided to other persons in the process of using the Site.

1.4. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" strictly complies with the legislation, in particular, but not exclusively, of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (in particular, but not limited to Articles 6 (1) (b) - (f), 28, 44, 46) and other international regulations on the confidentiality and protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as "legislation").

1.5. The User confirms that by registering his e-mail address and password, and registering on the Site, when clicking on the Button on the Site, he agrees to the terms and conditions of using the site and the privacy policy and agrees to the processing of BLAGODA COMPANY LLC Pof the new data that the User provides LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" through the use of SIT.

1.6. Processing of personal data is any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, change, renewal, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, in particular with the use of information (automated) systems.

1.7. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" reserves the right to change this Policy at any time and will notify about these changes within a reasonable time through an information message on the Site.

1.8. With respect to Personal Data, LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY", governed by national legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, acts and is responsible as a "controller of personal data", and Employers as "co-controllers".

2. Data collected by LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY".

2.1 LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" may collect and process the following data about the User, which the User provides voluntarily:

2.1.1. Information required when registering to receive the Services on the Site, namely the phone number, and in the case of subscribing to the newsletter of information messages from employers, the e-mail address and phone number that is registered in such messengers as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber;

2.1.2.information necessary to start using the Services of the Site, which is filled in the Personal Questionnaire (name and surname, citizenship, gender, specialty, skills, work experience and experience, country and settlement of actual stay, biometric passport and visa, date of birth, contact phone number, e-mail address, level of knowledge of foreign languages, information about previous work experience (field of activity, skills, the number of years of experience), the presence of work experience abroad (outside Ukraine), the date from which he is ready to find a job, a note on finding a job directly for himself or for a married couple, for a brigade, the possibility of moving to another settlement (territorial unit), the presence of a driver's license of a certain category and the availability of qualification certificates;

2.1.3 Photo, video;

2.1.4. Availability of accounts on Facebook, Linkedin and Google.

2.2. The User has the right to provide additional data in the Personal Questionnaire for other purposes (for example, the need to make work clothes or prepare documents for further employment):

- field of activity, profession, weight, height, waist size, T-shirt size, shoe size, registration address, place of actual stay, maiden name (if any), father's name, mother's name, mother's maiden name, passport details, visa, beaten cards, education information, language skills, photos, availability of Accounts on Facebook and Google;

2.3. Regarding employers of LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" from the collection there is Personal data in accordance with paragraph 2.1, as well as data that are filled in the Employer's Questionnaire (full and abbreviated company name, company registration code, registration address, contact details of the Employer's representatives for communication); general information about the Employer's profile, photo licenses, photos of the office, production facilities, etc., information about branches, availability of accounts on Facebook and Google.

The employer has the right to provide additional data in the Employer Questionnaire for other purposes (for example, to display this data for job seekers and increase your attractiveness as an employer):

 2.4. The legal grounds for processing personal data that LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" collects, are explicit consent provided by the User through the Site or via e-mail.

3. Transfer of Personal Data.

3.1 LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" ne transfers Personal Data to third parties, except with express consent or under the conditions specified in this Policy.

3.2. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" may transfer personal data of Users to employers only if the relevant User responded to the Employer's announcements (vacancy) contained in the Personal Questionnaire in order to coordinate further cooperation with users on the Site or abroad.

3.3. The User can register on the Site and log in to his profile using third-party websites, including Facebook and Google. agree to provide this information to BLAGODA COMPANY LLC, Facebook or Google perform authentication and automatically redirect the User to the Site.

By accessing the Site through Facebook or Google accounts, the User agrees that Facebook or Google will provide some personal data (described above in this paragraph) for authentication and secure access to the Site by the User. can change the way you access at any time using your Facebook or Google account settings. This information will be considered profile data when using the Site.

The user can at any time stop communication between his account Facebook or Google and the Site using privacy settings in the account of Facebook or Google. Facebook or Google may also request the User's permission to transfer certain information about the User to BLAGODA COMPANY LLC, in particular the name and surname, profile picture, public profile data and e-mail address, which may use the received information to provide the Services to the User, in particular to fill out a profile on the Site.

3.4. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" undertakes to comply with and comply with the requirements of the law and may transfer the User's Personal Data without notice in some cases, in particular, if:

– LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" considers such a transfer necessary and justified for compliance with the law, judicial process, for conducting an investigation or at the request of state bodies and law enforcement agencies;

– such Personal Data is transferred in response to complaints, to protect against fraud, abuse, misuse or illegal use of the Site;

In this case, personal data will be transferred only to the extent necessary to achieve the legitimate goal.

3.5. Storage and processing of the User's Personal Data may be carried out on servers and resources owned by BLAGODA COMPANY LLC or independent contractors, and may be placed on the territory of Ukraine, the European Union or, in some cases, in another country that must have adequate data protection laws.

3.6. BLAGODA COMPANY LLC has taken appropriate measures to ensure that Personal Data remains protected and requires third-party service providers and partners to provide appropriate guarantees regarding the protection of Personal Data. More information can be obtained upon request.

4. User rights.

4.1. The User has the right to:

– fair processing of information and transparency regarding how BLAGODA COMPANY LLC processes Personal Data; access to the User's Personal Data and to certain other additional information to which this Privacy Policy has been developed; require LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" to correct any errors in the information that BLAGODA COMPANY LLC has, to demand the destruction of Personal Data relating to the User in certain situations; receive Personal data regarding the User in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and transfer this data to a third party in certain situations; object at any time to the processing of Personal Data; deny in certain other situations regarding the ongoing processing of Personal Data;

– otherwise limit the processing of Personal Data in certain circumstances and other rights provided for by applicable law.

4.2. In order to perform certain actions, BLAGODA COMPANY LLC asks the User for consent to the processing of Personal Data. The User has the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

5. Change and deletion of Personal Data.

5.1. The User or the Employer may change personal data at any time through the site settings.

5.2. The User or the Employer may send a request to the Site Administrator to change, correct or destroy irrelevant or false information about them posted on the Site. The Site Administrator is obliged to consider this request within 72 hours from the date of its receipt.

5.3. At the request of the User or Pof the Site Administrator is obliged to destroy all data to which he has accessed in connection with the use of the Site, as well as completely and irrevocably delete the data of the User or employer on the Site at the earliest opportunity, but in any case, not later than one month from the date of receipt of the relevant request.

6. Protection and storage of Personal Data.

6.1 LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" guarantees that all Personal Data of Users available to LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" in connection with the provision of the Services will be used, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

6.2. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" will take appropriate security measures to prevent accidental loss of personal data, their use or access to them in an unauthorized manner.

6.3. LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" will store Personal data until the User withdraws his consent to this.

7. Information from minors.

7.1. Persons under the age of majority (18 years of age or other age required by law) are prohibited from registering with an account on the website or using the website. BLAGODA COMPANY LLC does not collect or process personal data of minors and immediately deletes them if such an event took place.

8. Responsible Site Administrator, authorized person and feedback.

8.1. The responsible person for the processing of Personal Data in LLC "BLAGODA COMPANY" is the Site Administrator and/or responsible for the protection of Personal Data.

8.2. In case of any questions, suggestions or requests regarding Personal Data, the User should contact: info@blagoda.ua